The sub-surface MSV Explorer lets you raise a toast underwater

Another thing high on my bucket list is to go snorkeling and enjoy views of the exotic marine life closely. However if ocean diving is not so high on your things to do, GRP Laminates have an alternate solution for you. They have plans to launch a “unique new concept for the marine leisure and commercial market” with the MSV Explorer sub-surface viewing system that also comes with a 13-metre launch and recovery catamaran. What this means is that you can enjoy marine life in leisure without getting wet at all! How about raising a toast with your loved ones under the sea?

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The Exploreris designed to offer “, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea environment” and can have four people on board at a time. The yacht can hit seas quite quickly, thanks to the SP02 catamaran that can hold as many as 12 passengers apart from the crew, and also lets you carry “scientific, broadcast or leisure equipment” along. The MSV explorer can be used up to 7.5 hours operation at full speed to let you explore marine life at the fullest.
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