Virgin Galactic test their first feathered flight

It looks like Virgin Galactic is one more step closer to making earthly human’s fantasy of space travel come true. Fantasy will turn into reality for all those who have already booked a flight on Virgin Galactic’s commercial space voyage. Virgin Galactic recently held their first feathered system test-flight of SpaceShipTwo also known as VSS Enterprise. The test was carried out at Mojave Air and Spaceport in California by Pilots Peter Siebold and Clint Nichols. Check out the video to see them test their exceptional feathering re-entry system for the very first time. This system is one of a kind and is being touted as the most important safety feature by Virgin Galactic. Once launched, the plane’s wings fold up in a shuttlecock like formation and fly upwards. While making the descent, the wings fold back down and slowly glide back to earth. Although commercial space tourism seems within our reach, one will still have to shell out $200,000 to make their fantasy flight come true.

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