World’s most luxurious inland cruise ship Yangtze River Golden No.1 makes maiden voyage

It is the east that the world is now looking towards and it is the east that is spiking up their luxury segment. Claimed as the world’s most luxurious inland cruise ship, Yangtze River Golden No.1, has embarked on its maiden voyage from Chongqing to welcome its first batch of tourists. It is designed like a five-star hotel and contains conference facilities, sight-seeing elevators, helipad for VIPs and also paramedics, if the need arises. The cruise ship can accommodate up to 350 tourists, who can enjoy a four-day trip down the river from Chongqing to Yichang, Hubei Province. A standard room will cost $461 per person and those who like a bit of extravagance can opt for the $450 per night presidential suite.

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