Japan is getting a new ultra-luxury train which will shown you unseen vistas of the country

Japan and its obsession with unique train concepts don’t seem to end. After introducing several luxe locomotives with a few themed around Kyoto homes and the Pokémon, the country now sets on tracks its newest edition, the uber-luxurious -Toki no Yoake Monogatari. Set to traverse across the lesser-known paths of the nation, the train offers a perfect journey for those in love with luxury and the offbeat.

The novel train will run between Kochi Station and the Kubokawa Station and will connect Shikoku, the smallest of Japan’s four main islands with the Shinkansen bullet train rail network. Although frequented by a few- Shikoku is a gem of nature that’s unlike any other. With the introduction of the Toki no Yoake Monogatari, visitors will be able to travel across the island and enjoy stunning vistas of the countryside on the way.

The two-car, 47-passenger train depict a ‘flow of time’ theme and comes decorated with imagery of the sun and moon on the outside and a ceiling full of stars on the inside. It further houses personal seats along with counters or tables for a more intimate setting. The Toki no Yoake Monogatari will pass through two separate routes and will also offer guests a range of culinary delights on their 70-kilometer journey. Luxury with a twist of the offbeat? Well, that’s how we like our travels! What about you?

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