LAX to get an exclusive lounge for its A-List travelers

If LAX was your favorite Celebrity scouting hotspot then we’ve got some bad news for you, the Board of Airport Commissioners recently voted in favor of building a private lounge for the airport that will cater exclusively to rich and famous travelers. The lounge will supposedly help keep away paparazzi as well as picture and autograph seekers.

The lounge will be housed in a former cargo facility at 6851 West Imperial Highway and will include a 43,750-square-foot building as well as a 13,840-square-foot parking lot. But exclusivity never comes cheap. The celebrities, politicians, CEOs and athletes who are the expected clientele of the posh lounge will need to shell out $1800 per trip to access this glorified waiting room.

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Celebrities would be able to drive directly into the secure parking lot and drop-off area effectively avoiding the main terminals. Once there, they could kick back and relax in the lounge’s private suites until boarding time when they would be taken to their passenger gates in a shuttle.

This certainly isn’t the first such airport haven that’s been created exclusively for wealthy passengers. Major cities like Dubai, London, Amsterdam and Madrid have similar facilities at their airports. In fact New York JFK airport even has an exclusive pet terminal. However, this may be a blow to LA’s notorious paparazzi who are known to lie in wait at LAX which is hotbed for celeb sightings.

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