Gaze at Hong Kong’s skyline from the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Boat

Wines will flow even as beer bottles are clunk together. But more importantly, it will be the perfect end to that summer aboard the Jungle Jane. The feat however, wouldn’t have been complete without the participation of Moët & Chandon. In collaboration with Hong Kong Yachting, the luxury winery is serving up its serendipitous Ice Imperial in Hong Kong waters with French flair.

Hong Kong Yachting’s “Jungle Jane” underwent a fashionable renovation before it became the “Moët Ice Impérial Yacht” with sunbeds, a floating lounge, a booming sound system, a fully stocked bar and slide-tainment. Yes, that’s correct! There is an inflatable slide on-board and a 22-foot wide bathing platform, just steps from the cockpit.

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The 70-foot luxury yacht once belonged to a cray fisherman north of Perth in Western Australia and can now be yours for a full day. The champagne house offers a full-day experience aboard the Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial Boat for up to 40 people until November. For $2,600, there will be all its plushness offered in private and an additional crew as well as 12 bottles of Ice Imperial.

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[Via – Lifestyleasia and Luxury-Insider]

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