San Francisco Segway Tours adds more tours, bigger fleet

If you have a penchant for travelling and a new-found obsession with ecology then globe-trotting could never be easier for you. If you think you are the only one, you are wrong cause you are not alone. The world is going ga-ga over Eco-Friendly San Francisco Segway Tours. San Francisco and Sausalito Electric Tour Company are ready to handle this summer’s ever-increasing demand for its Segway tours in Sausalito and San Francisco. In its second season, the company is armed with a better facility, more Segways, and night tours. Albeit last year’s tours began with a bang this year has extended in not only the number of tourists and locales but also the services. With a new and improved facility and a bigger fleet of Segways, Huber expects to accommodate thousands of tourists and locals alike who are looking for unique ways to get around and see the sights. Gas prices are more than $3.50 a gallon; people are looking for eco-friendly ways to travel. Segways are zero-emissions vehicles that operate on electricity, so they’re easy on the environment as well as the wallet. It travels from 15 to 24 miles on a 25 cent battery charge, making it an ideal replacement for short-distance sightseeing tours.

Not only is the company’s new facility bigger to the house but San Francisco night tours have been added, as well. “The night tours allow riders to explore the spectacular nighttime landscape of the city by the bay,” Huber says. “The city is gorgeous by day, but is incredible by night.” The after-hours tour includes spots in Fisherman’s Wharf, Maritime Pier, and the Marina District generally not accessible by vehicles. I think nobody would be reading this part of the article as most of them would have already packed their bags and left, so what are you waiting for?

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