Taking luxury to a higher pedestal, Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton Bali opens its gate to heaven

Nothing sells like hot cakes like a Hollywood blockbuster. Maybe this didn’t bust too many blocks, but Eat, Pray and Love made us fall in love with three destinations, one being Bali. And what more apt place could the uber ‘special edition’ Reserve portfolio of the Ritz-Carlton family have chosen for its third offering but the green, paddy-laden, misty mountain landscapes of beautiful Bali. On September 5, the Mandapa, Ritz-Carlton Reserve opened doors to its crème-de-le-crème clientele. Located in the cultural heart of Bali, alongside the Ayung River, the property is described as heaven on earth.

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Mandapa features 60 villas and suites aesthetically designed by one of the best in the field – Asia-based DESIGNWILKES. The name ‘mandapa ’means the entrance of a Hindu temple. The underlining motto of this luxury retreat is the combination of comfort and sustainability. Guests get to experience the finest in hospitality, the most relaxing and pampering experiences while also getting the chance to enjoy the traditional ways of life in a Balinese village. As well as an exclusive Spa and four restaurants and lounges to alight your senses, the property will have at its centre a traditional rice field where you can experience the methods of planting, harvesting and tending to rice cultivation. Even children can enjoy a hand at rustic village environment in a kid’s hut which will feature educational activities in association with The Green School Bali. An organic garden and farm is another great idea for exploring. Room rates begin at $570 per night.
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Early this year the Ritz-Carlton opened a 30 acre beach-front property in Southern Bali. It looks and sounds so peaceful, that it is easy to delve into zen by just the thought. Inspired by the concept of kalpataru – the local symbol for the tree of life, the property is stunning. It offers a 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean and you can choose from one of 313 rooms – including cliff top villas and all the works of a luxury retreat package – butler, pool etc.

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So if not the beach, devour the essence of the paddy fields and singing rivers in beautiful Bali, all thanks to the European hospitality wonder that is Ritz-Carlton.


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