Travel in the lap of luxury – BMW designs First Class cabins for Singapore Airlines

We have been eagerly waiting to see official pictures of the interiors of Singapore Airline’s new First Class cabin designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA. The wait is finally over. BMW and Singapore Airlines yesterday made public the upgrade details, and by the look of it, the luxury car manufacturer has made a bang on the job, one that the airline can confidently boast of. The credit of the new design of the First Class cabin goes not just to DesignworksUSA, but its counterparts in Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Munich, who put their creative heads together on the project. The result is lavish lounge-like interiors that spell out luxury and ensure great levels of privacy and comfort and increased stowage space for luggage and other travel accouterments.

The seats and suites in the cabin have undergone upgrades shielding passengers both visually and acoustically. It’s as though the outer walls form a protective arm around the passenger.

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Seats also transform into a comfortable bed, just enough for one to stretch out to 35 inches in width and 80-82 inches in length, and relax, while in-flight.

BMW has used high-grade materials to adorn the interiors of the cabin. Fine leather and upholstery in shades of brown have been efficiently engineered into the design to provide smooth and crease-free seats that appear pristine all along.

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Mood lighting ensures the right amount of luminance. Even small storage pockets have been expertly integrated into the design, projecting a clean and spacious look and feel.

Elegant tables easily extend and fold without being much of a hindrance.

The updated design will make its debut this September onboard the new Boeing 777-300ER on selected flights between Singapore and London.

[Via – Bmwgroup]