Not in China or Vietnam, but the world’s longest suspension footbridge spanning a whopping 2365 feet is set to open in the Czech Republic

Suspension bridges have been China’s forte and fixation. Despite boasting of some of the most bone-chilling transparent walkways and vertigo-infusing suspension bridges, China has lost the crown to the Czech Republic. The world’s longest suspension bridge called Sky Bridge 721 is opening at The Dolní Morava Mountain Resort, connecting two mountain ridges. The footbridge will be 2365 feet long at 311 feet above the ground. It will surely take a daredevil to enjoy the most spectacular scenic views of the Jeseniky Mountains, one that is laced with equal parts beauty and an adrenaline rush.

Those with courage and enthusiasm for unique experiences will take on this task across a 3.5 feet wide walkway. In addition to accomplishing an adventure not many will take on, visitors will also win an opportunity to discover the local area’s history and take part in a new educational nature trail. The Dolní Morava Mountain Resort is also well-known for the popular Sky Walk. The bobsleigh track, mammoth roller coaster, and other attractions will now have the company of the thrilling Sky Bridge 721 (named so, owing to its height of 721 meters).

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News Times UK shared a snippet of the statement, “This is a unique technological achievement of the Czech Republic. The 2 km- (1.2-mile) long path of educational nature is called the ‘bridge of time’. These features include ‘augmented reality material and 10 educational panels covering environmental protection and the history of Sudetenland. [a province in northern Czechoslovakia] In an interactive and entertaining way.” The Sky Bridge 721 was constructed over two years and will finally open this May to the public.

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