Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon for every car enthusiast

Exclusive and stylish luxury watches never cease to impress me. I strongly believe that a timepiece contributes to the image the wearer wants to portray. So when I had a look at the Azimuth Twin Barrel Tourbillon, I knew it was meant for only a chosen few who can exude a class to match the watch’s elegant yet contemporary style. Azimuth claims that this watch is anything but ordinary and terms it as a modern machine. Encased in a titanium case, this watch with a car theme is definitely extraordinary. This sleek and modern watch will surely appeal to many supercars and sports car enthusiasts. The robust 5-days power reserve, too, is impressive, thanks to two spring barrels. Though not much is known about this exquisite piece, it will definitely be a show stopper when it releases.

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Modern, classy, and very youthful, this ferocious timepiece is expected to be available from June 2009.

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