Just like the 911 – Porsche Design’s new customizable watch offers over 1.5 million different configurations

Online car configurators are great fun; especially in the case of high-end performance cars where you can literally spend hours playing around with different options to build your dream machine. Well, Porsche Design – the accessory manufacturing arm of Porsche – has introduced this incredible feature to the world of watchmaking with the launch of the first-ever collection of truly custom Porsche watches. The brand has created a customizing experience with an online configurator for the new line of custom timepieces offering more than 1.5 million different configurations. The prices start at $6000 for the new collection and go as high as $12,600.

Although all the watches in the collection with a chronograph function and can be outfitted with either a leather or metal strap, the buyers will get to choose from a million and a half different combinations of leather, stitching, metal trim, and even winding mechanisms that match the wheels of a buyer’s Porsche. This way, the Porsche owners will get to configure a watch that matches their prized sports car. The easiest configuration to achieve that will be to order the watch with a strap made of the same material as the car’s upholstery. Not to mention, the color of the case can also be matched exactly to the exterior paint of the owner’s Porsche. “No other car manufacturer or watch brand currently offers such a customisable and exclusive programme of this kind. The colours, types of leather and decorative stitching on these chronographs all originate from automotive production,” said Jan Becker, CEO of Porsche Design Group. The customizable Porsche Design watches will go on sale on September 1. Orders are placed exclusively through Porsche dealers and delivery will take 8 to 12 weeks.

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