Wear the night sky on your wrist with Bell and Ross’ latest timepiece

Bell and Ross have looked to the stars for the inspiration behind their BR S Diamond Eagle watch. By combining the night sky’s deep indigo with glittering diamonds, this watch is a stylish way to carry the cosmos everywhere you go. The stars have been used for guidance for centuries, with sailors using them to direct their journeys. As a tribute to these stars, the BR S Diamond watch features seven diamonds set in the exact patterns of the Aquila constellation. Named after Jupiter’s eagle, this constellation is easily visible from the earth and references the skies in two ways: firstly, Jupiter is considered the sky’s god. Secondly, the majestic eagle has become a modern symbol of triumph over the skies.

The watch features Bell and Ross’ aviation collection round dial within a square case. Inside the 39mm satin-polished steel case is a BR-CAL.102 Quartz movement. The watch is equipped with an hour and minute functions and comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal and a midnight blue alligator strap. On the dial are seven diamonds that represent the constellation Aquila and 12 metal dots to indicate indices. The watch comes in two variants, a regular steel one and 66 diamonds on the bezel.
We love both the concept and the execution of this celestial timepiece. The inspiration for the night sky is clear and makes for a versatile timepiece. We only have one gripe; the metal indices were unnecessary. Usually, we can’t stand blank-faced watches with missing indices, but the metal dots really distract from the constellation.

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The BR S Diamond Eagle watches are available at Bell and Ross boutiques.

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