A Gordon Gekko favorite rare .45-caliber 1907 Luger handgun to go under the hammer

Guns are a booming market especially if you are collector. An a rare .45-caliber 1907 Luger handgun bearing an original price tag of $150 is touted to fetch as much as $1 million dollars when it comes under the hammer. A favorite of Gordon Gekko with only three models of the gun, a typical military-style Luger can be purchased for $1,500 to $2,500, and has the caliber to fetch anywhere between $3 million and $6 million.

One of the 893 lots for sale, this one in possession of an anonymous buyer, was used by the German in World War I and World War II. However those were 9mm models instead of a .45-caliber. Also going under the hammer is the circa 1830, an 8-inch long Bowie knife which is touted to fetch up to $125,000..

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