Google’s head honcho Eric Schmidt auctions off coffee date for charity

If you ever wanted to a grab a coffee with Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt, now is the chance. But this coffee date with one of the tech world’s most powerful personalities might cost you a bomb as the whole thing has been set-up for a charity. As Apple CEO Tim Cook and other tech executives have done in the past, Eric Schmidt has teamed up with CharityBuzz to auction off a coffee meeting for charity for which he will donate 30 minutes of his time. CharityBuzz raises funds for nonprofits via auctioning time with celebrities, business executives and current day luminaries. Since the organization started this kind of celebrity-date auctions, it has been able to raise more than $100 million.

A similar auction earlier this year for Apple CEO Tim Cook managed to raise over $330,000 and the one with Schmidt has been estimated to bring in somewhere near $50,000. There’s still 2 weeks to go before the auction ends but so far the top bid stands at just $9,000. The meeting will take place with Schmidt at Google’s campus in New York City sometime after the winning bidder is declared on August 14 and last 30 minutes.

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