Mercedes Benz eyeing to integrate in-car navigation system with Google Glass

Google Glass is a compelling piece of technology, and we still think this unusual eyewear holds the potential to drastically change the way we interact with technology. Though it’s only available in developers’ version, and it’ll still take some time before Google commercially launches the product. Still, already many big companies from different sectors are experimenting with Google Glass by developing apps centered on their own products. Mercedes first expressed its intentions in July this year to develop apps for Google Glass.

Several months latee, Mercedes has divulged information on the first motoring app developed for Google Glassfor the first time. The company plans to offer to its customers once the technology becomes widely available. Johann Jungwirth, head of R&D for Mercedes Benz North America, said the German automaker heads developed a navigation system that uses a pair of glasses with a voice-activated interface on one of the lenses — Google Glass — to merge the experience of driving with what Mercedes calls “digital living.”.

One of the app’s functions will be to guide the driver to their car, transfer a destination address to the car’s navigation system and continue navigational guidance once drivers leave the vehicle. It’ll also help to locate the vehicle in parking. The app uses the eyewear’s existing voice-activated controls to offer information from smartphones, computers and other electronic storage devices to the drivers. Jungwirth also mentioned Google Glass-based infotainment applications without giving more information about them. Though there is no official confirmation, we believe Google will commercially launch the Glass by mid-2014.

[Via – Autoblog]

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