Orange Marmalade In All Gold

You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth; so enjoying some gold for a change will do you good! The humble marmalade has been accredited with such high status, that it is one of the Most Expensive Marmalades In The World! How did rise to such high ranks did you say? Well add a dash of 62-year old Dalmore whisky, vintage Pol Roger champagne, and edible gold, and voila the chef has you craving for more. To mark their 125th anniversary The British jam firm Duerr’s has created this pricey marmalade. Down it for about £5,000 ($ 9510) for a 1kg jar. The company has produced a small number of miniature jars for publicity purposes, but its pièce de résistance is the commemorative 1kg crystal jar on display. The tasty preserve is made with finely cut Seville oranges, to make it tangier than usual and distinctly boozier.

The jar itself costs about £1,100 and is handcrafted. Enjoy it at £11 per mouthful and £76 per slice of toast. The jar will be auctioned on the Internet for the Manchester Kids charity.

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