The iPod mini, Hello Kitty [email protected] Set Is Here

Marry the Hello Kitty [email protected] design with the iPod mini and The Sanrio Company Ltd.’s latest creation is in your hands. The iPod mini & Hello Kitty [email protected] Set features a 27cm high Hello Kitty [email protected] that has an iPod mini holder. The latest high-end iPod mini is included in the set, which has 18 hours of battery life. 3 [email protected] emblems are also included. It comes with a special Hello Kitty iPod mini carrying case that protects the special edition Hello Kitty iPod mini. If investing in limited edition items, or collector’s edition is your thing then do get one of this. Accessorize it with Headphones, belt clip, USB2.0 cable, iTunes (PC/Mac), carrying case, [email protected] stand, and [email protected] emblem x 3 in gold, silver, and pink.

Dish out about $ 570 for this “while stocks last” Set.