Redditors pick top 5 luxury products that are exorbitantly priced and disturbingly absurd

Would you ever guess that the price for affluence is not a number, but a word? Yeah, it’s called gullibility. The constant need to be exclusive and talked about is making the wealthy increasingly fall for some clearly senseless ‘luxury’ products, weighed down by heavy price tags. In a recent hilarious thread, Redditors discussed the most unnecessary and wasteful luxury products polluting consumer markets. In the discussion spanning thousands of comments and products, here are the top 5 that received maximum upvotes.

Voss Water
Voss is a pretentious version of the humble hydrate essential to human survival. Bottled less like drinking water and more like perfume, Voss, priced at $2.20 for a measly 375 ml and $3.80 for 800 ml, reminds you not to gulp more than a couple of sips every day – Since that’s the only way you’ll get the money’s worth. The brand justifies this extravagance in the name of exclusivity, purity, distinction, and responsibility (brand values, if you please). Really now, who cares if Voss water originates from a village in Norway?

Redditor erasercreator sums it up with: “Some say if you hold the empty bottle to your ear, you can hear the sound of their marketing department laughing at you.”

Shall we drink to that?

Gläce Luxury Ice
Another hoax in the lives of the rich – ‘Luxury’ ice cubes to douse in ‘premium’ spirits.

San Francisco-based Gläce Luxury Ice is making these proclaimed “revolutionary and meticulously crafted” ice cubes. An 8,000-cubic inch ice block costs roughly between $60 to $100 and a bag of 50 is $325.50 – Chilling, huh?

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The California-manufactured ice is supposed to last longer and be healthier than ordinary cubes made in freezers, the company says. Healthier how – You may think? Gläce says that traditional ice-making methods usually involve tap water that may contain tons of impurities and carcinogens, leading to potentially unhealthy and inferior tasting ice. Their luxury ice, however (available in cubes and spheres) is clear, free of all impurities, and tasteless. Priceonomics has even elaborated on the complex process that gives birth to this designer ice.

Redditor WattWattWatt thinks this product was founded after a bar bet and the target demographic were Eskimos; while taitabo says, “Eskimos already have super clear ice. When we want tea we go chain saw some ice off the top of the lake.”

As if Voss Water wasn’t enough, they give us luxury ice. An upset web commentator said, “I thought bottled water was a scam, now we can pay for custom ice cubes?”
Gläce states that they individually carve and design each piece to offer a cocktail presentation that inspires and intrigues. Of course, we agree, intrigues us about this camouflaged farce and inspires us to go back to our good old freezers. The company’s philosophy is that ‘quality drinks deserve quality cooling’. So while the spheres last in a drink for about 20-30 minutes, the ‘G-cubed’ ice stays for up to 40 minutes. The question is – Does your drink last that long?

Tobias Wong Box Cutter
Who would buy a box cutter for a whopping 95 dollars? Probably someone “who isn’t cutting open very many boxes.” – Reddit’s Donald_Keyman teases.

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One look at this so-called luxury item and the first thing you see is a gleaming “Another Notion of Possibility” etched on an ordinary product dressed up in a (unnecessary) nickel cast and chrome plated body. The Tobias Wong silver box cutter says that it comes “in its own display box ready to illuminate other notions of possibility”.

This re-appropriation apparently hints at America’s 9/11 devastation, as the hijackers used box cutters to take over the flight. If you ask us, the comparison is as illogical as the cost.

There’s more
And then there are those overpriced luxury purses and exorbitant luxury hotels that don’t even deserve an explanation. Here’s what some Redditors had to say,

woohooanal1 – “Luxury purses. My husband bought me so many early in our marriage and I can’t believe I asked him for those stupid things. We could have had a nice weekend vacation for the price he paid for each of them.”

hahayouguessedit – “Sell them on eBay or consignment and go on a nice vacation. Or wait till their 25 years old and become vintage and will be worth so much more. Source: nonprofit I volunteer at has a Georgetown DC consignment shop that runs our children’s charities.”

full_trucker_effect – “4 Star hotels that charge for every little thing ($30/day to park, $6 for a bottle of water, $15/day for internet access) and then don’t offer continental breakfast.”

So… have you decided what you’re going to splurge on?

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