Saudi prince promises 100 Bentleys to pilots bombing Yemen

We all know that Saudi’s crowned Prince Alaweed bin Talal has deep pockets; so deep that he holds the title of one of the world’s richest men and in the past he’s spent millions on a private holiday and has also made it known that he travels with the largest staff. His latest extravagant buy will probably be the 100 Bentleys he promised his country’s bravest pilots that led the recent airstrike operations in Yemen. The world came to know of this giveaway from the Prince’s Twitter account after he tweeted his promising endeavor; but the tweet was soon deleted after Twitterverse was flooded with an angry uproar of tweets from all over the world on the blatant nature of the giftings.

‘Operation Decisive Storm’ was the Saudi’s month-long campaign to help fight of the Iranian-allied Houthi rebels rising in war-torn Yemen; which thankfully was successfully called off on 21st April, earlier this week. According to the Prince’s tweet the 100 Bentley’s, which would come at a cost no less than $180,000, are the start of ‘Operation Restoring Hope.’ The Prince’s tweet in Arabic translated to, “I congratulate our leaders on the success of Operation Resolute Storm and the start of Operation Restoring Hope. To recognize the one hundred participating Saudi pilots, I am pleased to give them 100 Bentleyautomobiles.”

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Though the morality behind the gifts are questionable, since hundreds of innocent Yemenites lost their lives and over thousands were wounded in the raids led by a coalition of Arab governments, it’s interesting to note the level of appreciation the Saudi royal family has for its own people especially its troops! If rumors are to be believed, last year, the Saudi soccer club team were the lucky ones who were commemorated with 25 luxury cars of their own.

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[via – International Business Times]

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