Guerlain’s fifth-generation Orchidée Impériale is a skin elixir that combines the rarest orchid’s benefits into a high-end beauty cream

Guerlain is bringing the goodness of not one but two kinds of orchids x 100. the LVMH-owned beauty and fragrance house makes skin better than ever with a fifth-generation expression of its super-premium Orchidée Impériale beauty cream. The power of floral goodness is extracted from Gastrodia Elata and Dendrobium Fimbriatum, to create a 96% natural-origin formula. This leaves skin with startlingly reduced visible signs of aging. The nearly 194 old brand is no stranger to formulation know-how and eco-friendly luxury. With the new Guerlain Orchidée Impériale beauty cream, it pulls out a regeneration power like nothing else straight from the roots of youth.

According to the Moodie Davitt Report, Guerlain, Director of Scientific Communication Frédéric Bonté, commented, “Orchid roots are extremely specialized organs capable of producing numerous molecules involved in the plant’s defense. These various molecules can balance themselves out and are of great interest in treating biological disorders.” Guerlain’s expertise in fineness, fullness, and fusion unveils spellbinding results in only seven days making the skin look three years younger.

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The exceptional Orchidée Impériale beauty cream comes in premium packaging that does complete justice to the valuable tool of youth inside. The premium and rich formula attacks wrinkles and reduces them by 22% after one month of twice-daily use, leaving skin plumper with improved skin density. Its striking eco-friendly gold jar is made with a brushed aluminum lid and recycled matte black glass. Guerlain has chosen the absolute best to bring its users the ultimate tool of infinite longevity after searching the deepest roots from over 30,000 species. This beauty elixir will be launched in selected stores in global travel retail from January 2022.

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