Rejuvenation like no other! 111Skin and Aman Skincare collaborate on limited-edition face masks

Exclusivity, experiences, and expertise are in the DNA of Aman Resorts and Aman Essentials. After debuting its first-ever leather collection featuring passport cases and wallets, Aman has joined hands with 111SKIN. The collaboration bears good news for those obsessed with healthy skin as the collection offers limited-edition Nourishing Gold Algae Mask and the Nourishing Gold Algae Eye Mask. Luxe hospitality chain Aman’s latest limited-edition offering gives credence to Aman’s beauty play, said chief executive officer Kristina Romanova. “The business advantages are capturing the mutual clientele of both brands and attracting new clients that were not necessarily familiar with Aman as the luxury skincare brand,” she said. “[Skin care] has been extremely successful for us, and we started developing this part of the business as a separate entity as well, and specifically, this collaboration attracts new clientele for Aman Essentials,” shared Pedfire.

The Aman x 111SKINeye and face masks amalgamate natural formulations and clinical expertise, leaving the skin nourished, hydrated, and refreshed. The glow and rejuvenation come from unique ingredients like brown algae, seaweed, spirulina, and 111Skin’s proprietary healing ingredient, NAC Y2. The ingredients are “really exclusive, that resonates closely with Aman’s origins, and also 111Skin’s dedication to being effective and scientific,” said Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, 111Skin’s cofounder and board-certified plastic surgeon. The collaboration has much more to offer than the two splendid skincare essentials.

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These experts in their respective fields will partner with Aman Resort’s spa businesses. “Our spa business is very much about capital cities, and Aman is just starting to expand [into those] now,” said Eva Alexandridis, 111Skin cofounder and CEO, nodding to Aman New York’s opening this month. “We want to be where our client is, and our clients are in Saks Fifth Avenue and Harrods. We wanted to have a spa property in the same vicinity. With Aman, we’re also able to go to destinations that are also very remote and very unique.” The Nourishing Gold Algae Mask and Nourishing Gold Algae Eye Mask sell for roughly $154 and $120, respectively, and are available at Aman’s website, boutiques, and spa locations.

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