The new wonder – Breast milk facial – Will you indulge in it?

Mud, the new facial spa in Chicago, introduces breast milk as an add on for facials. Breast milk is now being used for more than just feeding babies. The founder of the facial bar, Shama Patel, acknowledges that the using of breast milk is purely anecdotal and not scientific. Many mothers claim that application on skin reduces acne, rash and any other skin conditions.

The breast milk for the salon will be sourced from the Chicago area milk banks from screened and approved donors. The milk will then be mixed with some white clay to form a mask that will be applied to the face and dried. The cost of the breast milk add on will be $10 on top of the $40 facial.

This “white liquid gold” is all set to become a hit this summer as people want to reduce the redness caused by the sun. The thought of adding and applying breast milk on your face can make one feel squeamish, but then there are enough people willing to do the most bizarre things to look beautiful.

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