To rise 1000 feet in the air, London to get its tallest skyscraper yet

It is the end of the world as we know it. First the Shard, then the Cheesegrater, the Gherkin and now 1 Undershaft. London’s historic charm is shrinking, to be replaced by what is the future fate of our cities. The skyscraper is slated to be the tallest tower in London, when it is built. The tower will be 309.6m tall

The ‘skyscraper’ (New York must be ROFLOL-ing) is designed by London’s Eric Parry Architects and commissioned by Singapore-based Aroland Holdings. The office space will be located at the centre of cluster of towers in London’s financial district. It will cover 73 floors including a public square which will have the city’s first free public viewing gallery at this height.
The basement will feature 1,800 square meters of restaurants and shops which will be open seven days of the week – a pleasant relief for office goers now who sulk at empty commercial buildings on weekends. The parking will include 1,500 bicycle spaces.
Like the bullet shape of the Shard, the unique point of attraction of 1 Undershaft will be at the top of the tower. A rainbow-sort of effect. A colour-changing paint will be used at the upper levels with a red ribbon cross-bracing the building. It is like the designers decided London just had to look like a pack of Smarties. It is a pity, though. Why can’t people just let things be and not try and change every personality to choose a current norm? And London is facing a fine brunt of it. I mean who else would think of having an Asiatic wild cat experience on the Fair Lady’s chest! No date of completion is given yet.

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[ Via : Inhabitat ]

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