London’s iconic black taxis to be replaced by new electric cabs

London will soon see a new version of the black cab, which will not run on diesel fuel but instead will run on emissions free electric power. This will allow the new black cab to fit in with London’s zero emission requirement for taxis that is going to kick in at 2018. The Chinese owned auto manufacturer, The London taxi Company has unveiled the glass roofed TX5 cab.

TX5-london-taxi 1
The spacious black cabs have a very well known set of performance requirements, all of which the new TX5 will adhere to, right down to the ultra tight turning circle that has typified Hackney carriages for years. They have managed to capture the spirit of the old model with the new changes, incorporating the latest and best technologies. The comfort of the passengers and drivers is focused upon. Accommodating six passengers and more leg room for the driver it will be one comfortable ride.
TX5-london-taxi 2
The introduction of these new environment friendly cabs, is definitely good news for London and with this also comes a 250 million pound investment that will go towards a new factory that can produce 36,000 taxis per year. Geely, the owner of the London taxi Company, will be looking at offering the TX5 around the UK and in foreign markets as well. The TX5 will be launched in the UK at the end of 2017 and across international markets in 2018.

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The black cabs of London will soon give way to this new model of cabs, changing the scene on the streets of London.

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