Cristiano Ronaldo is world’s highest paid athlete with annual earnings of over $88 mn

If you still believe that Floyd Mayweather Jr is the world’s highest-earning sportsperson, then here’s news. Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, also known by his legion of fans as CR7 (thanks to brand endorsements), has taken the top spot with about £61 million last year. This converts to about $88 million. More than half of his earnings were in the form of a salary from his club Real Madrid while the rest were endorsements with Nike, Tag Heuer, and Herbalife. CR7 wouldn’t have the top spot coming so easily. The boxer Mayweather fought only once in the last 12 months and earned £30 million ($44 mn).

Close on Cristiano’s heels is his arch-rival Lionel Messi of Argentina, who took home £56 million, which comes close to ($81 mn). The title was pretty much at home with golfing sensation Tiger Woods for a while but owing to no wins since 2013; the golfer has left the top earners’ charts. Following Messi are LeBron James and Roger Federer, who makes the most of his money through endorsements.

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