Anthrax Bubble Fireplace

A fireplace is always snug and balmy place to sit by probably reading a book or just enjoying the winter. But sometimes the style may be too conventional and redundant to suit the minimalist and swank décor of your very today house. So for all to whom this dope matters here’s presenting the ultimate Antrax bubble fireplace. Though the bubble might give you thoughts about it probably being pink or way too girly for you but loosen up it’s very contemporary and ingenious. Designed by Andrea Crosetta bubble is an open-hearth fireplace that comes in two versions, wall-mount and ceiling-mount. Its robust and unusual shape symbolizes the ‘bubble’ of fire. In the ceiling-mount version it can rotate and according to Anthrax, suspending it 12” from the ceiling would be ideal.

It’s 39” in diameter. It would fit nicely in small spaces giving them a touch of class and originality. The only thought that bothers me is about Santa Claus how will he manage his way through 39”? Buy one to know the answer!