Jetway Hotel can be wheeled up to a private jet in Qatar

Futuristic designs are soon becoming an inherent part of our lives, designed and built to promise comfort and luxury to their users. Projects like the underwater hotel to come up in Dubai, Korea’s futuristic city, and luxurious metro station in Riyadh, are all evidence to this fact. Now you can add to the list another futuristic design and concept. One that crosses out long waiting hours before a flight and the pain of traveling all the way to a nearby lounge or hotel. We are not referring to the ‘Go Sleep’ sleeping pods at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Instead, to the Jetway Hotel, a hotel hangar was built as an extension of a private jet, a creative construction by Margot Krasojevic, which can be easily dismantled, wheeled off, and docked at any corner of an airfield owing to its lightweight.

The designer was commissioned for this project by one of her private clients in Doha, Qatar, who required a lounge-like structure for short stays before take off. That’s how the hotel hangar came to be. It consists of a small lounge, bathroom, and sleeping quarters and sports an extendable walkway with stairs covered by a cantilevered canopy.

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Built keeping in mind a futuristic design, the structure results from high-tech components, which are inclusive of hydropneumatic suspension sections that can be moved apart, locking the hanger roof and counterbalancing different sections.

That’s not all; the environmentally-conscious project also helps accumulate rainwater filtered and used by the hotel room service. Other components used are a combination of laminated glass, photovoltaic cells, and LED lighting that creates various visual effects.

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[Via – Margotkrasojevic and Psfk and Wired]

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