Cesare Toffolo’s goblets of desire!

If Harry Potter made waves with his Goblet of fire, he has a tough contender in Cesare Toffolo’s Piccoli Uomini goblets. These can be easily called pieces of art as they are as naturally fine-looking and as charming and attractive. It’s part of the mostly glass gallery and needless to say it is a wonderfully crafted piece made of glass. It stands out completely even between other eye-catching glass arts like Fabienne Picaud’s Tulips and Christine Barney’s colorful abstract glass sculptures. Ranging from 6 1/2 to 12 inches tall, the blown glass shapes are banded in royal blue and adorned with similarly-hued figures, running, sitting, and standing around the goblets. This is what I call…beautiful perfection! These pieces are seen in a celestial combination of beautiful blue with glass and it only makes it more wanted.

This can make for a wonderful display in your living room which would earn you compliments and make spending the $1850 absolutely worth it!

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