Dall House – A $2.2 billion resort for the world’s richest citizens

Who says you don’t need money to enjoy life……in a grandeur manner? For those who seek opulent luxury in every step of life, Dall House will be their destination even on holiday. Exclusively intended for the uber-rich clan, this £1.3billion ($2.2 billion) resort will mushroom up at Kinloch Rannoch, Scotland. You need to shell out £2million ($3.4 million) as a joining fee, followed by £500,000 ($842,000) as annual charges. And if you intend to stay there, understand that the rates start at £6,000 ($10,000) per person per night, rising to £14,000 ($23,000) for the best rooms. The developers want to create a “world-class private members resort in one of Scotland’s most stunning settings.” The resort includes a luxury hotel, a body enhancement clinic staffed by leading surgeons, a health spa, two 18-hole golf courses, and a clubhouse is actually a redevelopment of a former private school. Guests can also look out for other leisure facilities, shops, a loch-side restaurant, concert hall, and up to 98 houses.
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Oh, did I miss telling me that you need to qualify to gain membership at this billion-dollar resort? Only folks with minimum liquid assets worth £100million (about $170 million) will be eligible for the membership at Dall House. That cuts my chance completely, but all my wealthy friends can definitely go ahead with their plans!

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