Inflatable Bar Saves the Day!

Not many of us have the luxury of huge houses that can boast of many fittings and furniture as one would want, especially the coveted Bar. A safe place to stack all your liquor plus a great place to show it off too! A water hole in all parties is a must, so lack of space should not be the excuse. Presenting a Bar that is …inflatable! This sturdy contraption may not be as good as the real thing, but like they say something is better than nothing. Bubble Miami is a company that manufactures these bars and other furniture. The good thing is that you could buy it or rent it, depending on your needs. The bar can be illuminated from inside giving the furniture a surreal look and creating a magical ambiance. While deflated, they may be stored in a carrying case with wheels for easy movement and storage. So the next time you throw a party just hire the bar and let the good times begin!

Each bubble inflatable is equipped with its own power cord. It is available in many colors too.

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