$1.5million gown by Jad Ghandour to be revealed at Miami fashion Week

One of the most eagerly anticipated creations at the upcoming Miami Fashion Week is the secret couture creation by renowned designer Jad Ghandour. The secret creation, a $1.5million gown that will be unveiled at this show, has caused much excitement in the fashion world. Although not much has been revealed about this million-dollar creation, it is said that the gown features 18-carat gold and cutting-edge technology, which ensures the dress feels lightweight without compromising on its aesthetic appeal. Promising to be a showstopper, this gown is already considered a design masterpiece by its design team.

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Let’s hope the fashion gurus and critics have the same opinion when the gown debuts on March 20th. Till then you can check out Vietnam’s most expensive bridal gown, a peacock feather gown worth $1.5 million and lastly a Peacock dress that used 3999 feathers!

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