Adam Driver becomes the face of Burberry Hero fragrance. Sends the Internet into a meltdown with his centaur transformation

If Burberry hired Adam Driver to ‘drive’ the world of social media crazy, then we have two words for them- mission accomplished! Burberry revealed the campaign for its new men’s fragrance, Burberry Hero, featuring Adam Driver as its face, and the internet needs some saving. The minute-long advertisement features Driver and a horse mimicking each other’s movements as they run and swim together till the heartthrob turns into a centaur and leaves the world breathless and swooning.

‘Last Week Tonight’ couldn’t resist an emergency announcement about the shirtless Adam Driver ad campaign as John Oliver’s Adam Driver obsession is well known. His Adam Driver fever runs high, and one can imagine that he can’t handle the ad. Last Week Tonight was quick to announce, rather than make us wait until Sunday for the full effect. The show retweeted a quote of the “I quench that thirst” lyrics from the Burberry commercial’s song, FKA Twigs’ “Two Weeks.” Oh boy.

We have a roundup of what the world had to say. Twitter users didn’t shy away from the hysteria the horses brought them, “Today is a good day, NEIGH, a great day. Today, Burberry gifted us a wonderful thing. A gift horse. A gift horse-Adam-Driver,” one user wrote.
Another user chimed in, ‘If anyone asks ‘what’s the female gaze’? The answer is #AdamDriver’s campaign for #Burberry.’ a third fan questioned, ‘People saying ‘Adam Driver isn’t hot’ – where’s your god now????” Burberry Hero is the first new fragrance under the leadership of current creative director Riccardo Tisci, the clear hero here!

[Via: Fashionista]

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