Arm candy of the week – This Bottega Veneta clutch that looks more like an adorable soft toy

Bottega Veneta is two words that can make a woman’s heart skip a beat faster than hearing a man say I love you. It’s a brand that epitomizes luxury and opulence without slapping logos and monograms all over their products; if that isn’t classy I don’t know what is. The fierce loyalists who have loved the brand through the years have a sweet surprise in store with their newest offering – Bottega Veneta Sponge Clutch. This isn’t an exaggeration; believe me when I say that it will be the second-best thing to hold after your new-born baby. It’s redefining the very meaning of the word ‘soft’ with foiled, looped lambskin.

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The Bottega Veneta Sponge Clutch comes in a soothing shade of gold with its magnetic frame covered in folds of foiled, looped lambskin lending a shag effect. Love how they have given the iconic clutch this interesting twist. The Bottega Veneta Sponge Clutch will set you back by $ 9,200

[Available at:Bottegaveneta]

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