Trendy or Trashy? Russian Prez Vladmir Putin is featured on this limited edition collection of clutches

Russian president Vladmir Putin has become the muse for Russian Fashion Roots. A new collection from the designer collective features clutch purses that bear the image of the former KGB officer. Titled President Style, the collection debuted at the Moscow Shopping Gallery “Fashion Season”.

The collection features embroidered clutches on a chain straps that resemble books with a portrait of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the cover. The collection was created with the help pf designer Marta Dumas who hand painted the images of Putin on to the fabrics. These paintings served as the templated for embroidery done with silk threads.

Only one of each clutch exists and they have their own names like “All shades of Russia”, “Iron Putin. A View from the West “,” The Newest History of Russia “. Incidentally Putin is common reference point for Russian designers and his visage has appeared on many products.


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