Fashion for a cause: Jimmy Choo’s new Fukushima fabric shoes

Last year it was Flower Power, this year it’s Aizu and Kawamata. A lot of you, while easily attached to the former adage may have no experience with the latter. That’s because this time it’s not just about the fabric or print but paying tribute to Fukushima. After visiting workshops in Japan’s disaster hit area, Jimmy Choo has given birth to six unique pairs of shoes to celebrate local craftsmanship and by extension boost rehabilitation efforts.

“They use their own material to create this beautiful fabric. These people…they know how to weave the fabric [but] they don’t know how important [it is] to let the whole world enjoy the craftsmanship, enjoy beautiful fabric,” said Choo in a statement. These fabrics that inspired him and eventually made their way to his latest creations include Aizu cotton, super-fine Kawamata silk and the Aizu lacquerware. “When I looked at the fabric, I felt it was very, very unusual, especially when I saw the workshop, the tradition 250 years old.”

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The six one-off pairs will be donated to local organizations in the area after they have been exhibited. The designer hopes that not only will they spark a trend but give their deserved place to Fukushima’s artisans and native fabrics. “If you give money to them, money [will run out], but passing on the skill, the skill will remain. They can start their own businesses, they can acquire people, they can start a factory, bringing the economy back to the city.”

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[Via – The-Guardian]

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