France calls for a complete ban on the burning of unsold goods by luxury fashion houses

Luxury brands are often considered as a mark of prestige and status. No wonder labels across the globe aggressively strive to maintain a hype around their prices and their overall demand. While mass-appeal fashion is often offered at heavy discounts towards season ends, luxury marquees mostly steer away from such practices even if it means burning or burying their unsold items in industry pits.

In a move to stop this practice and put an end to the environmental harm entailed by them, the French government recently called a ban on the burning of unsold luxury goods. Slowly but surely it is becoming impossible for the big names in fashion to ignore their damaging practices and the cruel impact that has on the surroundings. In welcoming the move, French Deputy Ecology Minister Brune Poirson called for brands to tackle this issue at an industry level by adding, “Too many companies feel OK with just throwing away or destroying the shoes or the clothing that hasn’t been sold. You can’t do this anymore. It’s shocking,”

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Early last year, Burberry pledged to ban the harmful practice after reportedly admitting that it destroyed $37 million worth of unsold goods in 2017. With France’s well-solicited order, it’s now time for other brands to follow suit as well. While there is no word on the legality or enforcement of Poirson’s order yet, it is expectedly an industry game changer and one that may save our environments by heaps! Gucci’s and Prada’s of the world- Are you listening?

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