Gucci and The North Face have collaborated again for their most luxurious and funky collection yet

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It’s time to get out there as The North Face and Gucci are back. Chapter 3 of stylish outerwear presents a similar retro lineup featuring the genes of its predecessors and some of the North Face’s most iconic pieces. The third installment focuses on goose-down Sierra parkas, heavy Windjammer windbreakers, and Rough Rider pants. The aesthetics are ultimately inspired by the bright eye of a kaleidoscope mixed with The North Face’s original archival styles from the ’70s. The two iconic brands have amalgamated outdoor gear with luxury, which means looking good in the wilderness won’t come cheap. The third edition will feature $1000 joggers and sneakers, $3400 for a funky backpack, and another $2750 for the color-blocked cotton coat.

The previous installment of the partnership, Chapter 2, arrived back in December 2021 with a 126-piece collection. The latest campaign showcases French explorers and twins Jalan and Jibril Durimel, who effectively prove to the world that you can hike in high-end luxury brands. They were photographed in luxe apparel against an Icelandic landscape and displayed in scrapbook form.

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