Lamborghini Cigarettes to be launched

We strongly believe that smoking is probably the deadliest habit one can have, which not just affects the one who indulges in it but also those around. Knowing that people still don’t bother letting it go. And since we need to cater to everyone, irrespective of our personal preferences, take a look at Lamborghini Cigarettes that is due to be launched on the 18th of this month. Created by South Korea’s KT&G and named after the famous Italian fashion brand “Tonino Lamborghini,” these cigarettes are said to cost 2,700 Won ($2.4) each.

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KT&G adds, “The new premium brand has been in development for the past three years to target both the domestic and overseas markets. The new cigarette has been made of top-of-the-notch materials and has been designed as a premium product with a global brand value.”
This seems to be one in several collaborations that Lamborghini seems to be partaking into these days.
[Rush Lane and Korea Herald]

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