Louis Vuitton Alma Nomade

Classics are always welcome, be it clothes, jewelry or bags. The work of legends always is passed down in families as heirlooms. The Alma bag was designed by the style guru Gaston Vuitton in the 1930s and is considered to be a true Louis Vuitton classic. The bag is made from the supple Nomade leather making the curves even smoother than they already are. It has a Louis Vuitton logo discretely stamped between the handles. As with all Louis Vuitton bags nowadays it has a special cell phone pocket inside as well as a clip for keys to be attached. Well like they say that you could never go wrong with the classic looks, this bag would definitely increase your bling, bling quotient. The Nomade range comes in stylish bags for women and chic keep all 50 bags for men.

This passion for the classic range will surely burn a hole in your pocket! If nothing else get yourself the coin purse.

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