Louis Vuitton and Coco Chanel themed Lego Star Wars Artwork

The beauty and the geek redefine! Artist Dale May has decided to bring a branded approach to the geeks at heart by immortalizing LEGO wars art with some well-loved brands. The artist has created two keepsakes, namely Coco Vader and V3PO Louis Vuitton, with the brand logo in startling prominence. The artworks sport a “silver C-Print face mounted to archival acrylic backed with aluminum” that gives the photo a glossy finish thanks to the metallic paper it is printed on. And looks like its suspended when hung up on the wall.

The artwork will come in two sizes, the 24 x 24 inch version limited edition of 18 with 2 artist proofs and 42 x 42 inch limited edition of 9 with 1 artist proof each. Both, the V3PO Louis Vuitton and the Coco Vader are priced at $2,200 each for the 24 x 24 inch version while the 42 x 42 inch art will cost you $4,200 a piece each.

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