Louis Vuitton Artifice Sandal collection is wild-fashion for the well-heeled

Louis Vuitton’s new Spring/Summer collection yells out seductive and unique. The Artifice Sandal Collection feature slender straps in glossy patent leather combined with suede, lizard or satin. Some of the exclusive pieces from this range include the Artifice Wedge Sandal in patent and suede calf leather. It has hand-lacquered, strass-encrusted heels the shape of a tiger’s paw! It also features two ribbons that tie up at the ankle – unique! It will come in black, black marine and orange and will cost $1620.

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The Artifice Ankle Strap sandal in mix patchwork is another very intriguing piece, and extremely stylish. This one’s heels is a zebra motif covered in satin. It comes in jaune and fuchsia and costs $1540.
Another super cool heel sandal is the glamorous one with stiletto heels shaped like a giraffe’s leg! It will cost $1470.
ILoveLV reports – ‘Aptly named Artifice, these “artificial” shoes are the product of Marc Jacob’s over-the-top decorated references. “Basically, I didn’t want anything natural,” he said. “I wanted everything overly stylized.

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