Now there’s a video to show you the Top 30 names Sex And The City stars ever took

Just recently I was rehashing my memories of super high fashion sitcom Sex And The City. Again. Little did I know there was another, an artist no less, doing the same, albeit a whole lot better. By counting the number of times every brand was mentioned in the HBO TV series.

sex-and-the-city-2While the inspiration behind this is still unclear, it does remind me of my days at film school and counting cuts in a strangely long scene in the film Ben Hur. And I can tell you this, counting fashion labels sounds a lot more fun. That said the counting didn’t exactly boil down to fashion. It was Martini more and Balenciaga less. Yep! And here’s the artist, Pierre Buttin’s video montage for proof!

Warning: This video is 9 minutes 20 seconds and breaks down brand names in alphabetical order. If you listen closely, you will find, the most uttered name is Vogue (36 times- of course), followed by “martini” (34 times). The humble Post-it comes in at eighth while the fashion favorite remains Manolo.

[Via – Vogue]

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