Only from Bottega Veneta a $250 luxury leather sleep mask

This is something we don’t hear too often – a luxury eye mask. We hear of luxury travel kits that may feature them, but not individually-crafted luxury pads to ensure good sleep in the mist of luxury. Not midst, I did mean mist. Dudes and dames at Bottega Veneta felt the need to weave a unique creation that would make you stand out in a cabin filled with boring strips of cloth covering their eyes. This one is exclusively leather, it is called Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Sleep Masks, in line with Bottega’s signature intrecciato woven napa leather. It will cost you $250 via American luxury department store Neiman Marcus. It might sound a little unreasonable for the common man, but a luxury aficionado will relate.

Bottega Veneta sleeping mask 2
The masks come in three colours – black, light grey and pink. Anyone with a sense of bold fashion would choose pink, but hey, I am not judging. It features a crisscross pattern. If an air stewardess was none the smarter, she might mistake it for a wallet on your face. It has a strap that fits all so head size shouldn’t be a concern. It’s four months away but an early Christmas gift never did hurt a soul, has it?
Bottega Veneta sleeping mask 4

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