Over 12 hours, 1 Kate Skinny Pant: Anatomie style trousers are for all purposes and seasons

It’s one thing to review restaurants and a whole other to speak of trousers in the same vein. Then again, as most of us would agree, the latter can on several occasions, be crucial to where we’re heading this evening- making for the perfect item that can be casual, formal and in-between. Or morning, as I was when the lights went out in my workplace! Turns out, despite the sweltering summer (that had also been behind the power cut), the lightest thing that I could grab were my new Anatomie style pants that had arrived in the mail. anatomie-style-trousers-1 Now the fact that this company’s name is a take on the branch of science concerned with the bodily structure is not without reason. But before I tell you how great my pants fit, let me tell you why they fit so well. When shopping for a pair of, shall I say, Anantomies, you may find your usual ‘Extra Small’ to ‘Extra Large’ range. But, and brace yourselves ladies, you will also find what’s called a ‘Perfect Pant Picker’. A cool tool to pick the perfect pants (obviously) for your body shape, this really got me thinking, how close to the real thing could this actually get. anatomie-style-trousers-2 Of course, the pants that arrived confirmed- very! The fact that gymnast-turned-designer Kate Boyer along with husband, Shawn Boyer is behind Anatomie’s ‘functional fashion’ largely explains this (trust a woman, that too a former gymnast, especially one who has outfitted other gymnasts to understand women’s myriad Pear to Banana shapes). And if they’ve got construction right, quality fabric can’t be too far behind either. In this case, it is only as far as France and Italy- “Italian and French fabrics that are stylish, sexy and sophisticated. No wrinkles, ultra-lightweight and designed for travel.” In designer fabrics “that are durable enough to meet the demands of extreme sports”, I merely had to walk a few steps. But that walk to the nearest café in the blistering sun could warrant its own place on the ‘extreme sport’ list. And contrary to perception, you do want to cover up if you’re in New Delhi during the summer (those who practice this extreme sport collectively despise the concept of tan lines). And on doing that with this crisp, fresh-out-of-its-sleek-packaging pair, I realized not only are these pants skin ‘fit’ but skin ‘like’ as well. Hear me out. Kate Skinny Pant, Navy Blue, Cross between cargos and skin-fits, nothing about it says “summer” particularly and yet these trousers were like second skin. anatomie-style-trousers-3 Clearly, the website isn’t lying when it says, “Made with our super light weight Nylon/Lycra Micro moisture wicking material,” emphasis on “moisture wicking” in my case. But going back to the term “functional fashion”. As the (perfectly salvaged) working day drew to a close and a fashion event loomed closer instead, I thought why not take these pants from office to outing. And with a quick change of accessories, headed over to witness what could be called a double-whammy of a celebration. PVR Director’s Cut, India’s only uber luxe cinema had completed 1000 patrons for their DC privilege card and were celebrating with designer Kushali Kumar’s unique pieces. anatomie-style-trousers-4 The sultry designer who has dressed the likes of Shakira, Justin Bieber and Melanie Brown presented a collection of ballroom and evening gowns inspired by the spring flower varieties in France. And yet my stretch woven skinny pant with cargo pockets and its fair share in French inspiration, held its own. From here it was on to Blue Frog, the super, live music performance club where two of the country’s top deejays played a back-to-back set. Now I will have you know, those Kate Skinnies a great dancing buddy make. So, clearly, what worked for fashion worked for music as well! anatomie-style-trousers-5 “They will not wrinkle, shrink, or fade” anatomiestyle.com had also said. And one wash later, I am willing to believe them. I’m also willing to believe one can always wear Anatomie’s Kate pants on flights around the world. I may not have tested them on a flight but I think if you can walk outside when its 45 degree Celsius, spend all day in front of a laptop, attend a fashion show and then go dancing, all wearing the same pair of pants, then it is $199 well spent. Did I say they’re versatile as well?
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