Penhalogon’s reveals two new fragrances inspired by the myth of Endymion

English perfumer Penhaligon’s has debuted two new fragrances inspired by ancient Greek myths. Endymion Concentré and Luna form the pair of complementary fragrances that reference the romance of the Greek characters of the same name.

According to the Penhaligon’s website, ‘In ancient Greek mythology, Endymion, the most handsome son of Zeus, was placed into a perpetual slumber by the Goddess of the Moon so that she could gaze upon him forever, his stunning face unmarked by the passage of time. The wishes of the Goddess were granted, and Endymion slept on for all eternity, his smile everlasting. And no wonder, for he spent his life forever dreaming that he held the moon, Luna, gently in his arms.’

Suitably, Endymion Concentré is an intense eau de parfum that offers a luxurious take on Penhaligon’s Endymion cologne. The scent remains bright and sensual with romantic yet masculine notes of sage, geranium, nutmeg and suede.

Luna, meanwhile is a fresh and feminine counterpart inspired by the brightness of the moon. This new fragrance is as mesmerising as the night sky with its opening notes of bitter orange, heart of juniper berry and the sensual of dark woody base.

Both fragrances are priced at approximately $185 for a 100 ml bottle and can be purchased online through the official website for Penhaligon’s.

[ Available at Penhaligons ]

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