Versace reveals 7 Bags for 7 Cities handbag collection

Seven distinct and dramatic cities have inspired Versace’s seven new uniquely stylish handbags. After holding the “7 bags for 7 cities” contest earlier this year, the brand has rounded up a large range of pictures of monuments and landmarks that best capture the spirit of the contestant’s city. The winning cities of Milan, Beijing, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sao Paulo, Paris and New York each have the distinction of having their skyline featured on a Versace handbag!

The Palazzo Empire handbag forms the canvas for the city inspired designs. This bag has been popular with celebrities including Rosie Huntington Whitely, Lady Gaga, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Gigi Hadid (who also appeared in the Versace campaign holding this tote) and becomes a charming backdrop against which we see silhouettes of these famous city skylines.

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Each bag features a gradient backdrop (presumably representing an exotic sunset) and a signature black landmark, Paris of course has the Eiffel Tower, while New York has the Brooklyn Bridge. We particularly love the colors for Sao Paulo (a bright green that blends into blue) and Paris (hot pink and purple) but each bag has a personality that clearly captures the vibe of the city it represents.

The collection is a limited edition with only ten of each bag having been produced. All the bags come with a cross body strap and feature black top handles as well as the black Medusa flip-clasp closure. You might be disappointed to learn that each bag will be sold in its namesake city only which means to snag the Hong King bag, you’d have to book a trip to the city. The Paris model will arrive Versace store at 45 avenue Montaigne from September 13, while other models will hit the shelves in their respective cities in the week that follows. If there was ever a time to plan a trip, it’s definitely now!

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