World’s most expensive cufflinks from Fonderie 47 are made by melting AK-47 rifles

If your man is not into accessories a lot but like a handy bracelet, and cufflinks, and fancies watches and guns then Fonderie 47 Transforming Cufflinks can be a good gift to consider. Designed and created by Roland Iten, the brand debuts with some pricy limited edition cufflinks shaped like a watch. Although the maker hasn’t created any watches yet, he has come out with some watch concepts. The pair can be clipped together to form a bracelet; separate it to use as cufflinks. The set is made from the same mechanism used to create Swiss watches and will be set in 18-carat rose and white gold, along with scrap metal from an AK-47 assault rifle.

Limited to 20 pieces, the cufflinks set will actually feature metal from the Russian-made AK-47 found freely in Africa. The makers say that at the 30,000 Swiss Francs ($32,630) price tag, they can eliminate 100 guns at a time in a bit to reduce the “abuse” they cause. Click here for details.

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