Dottling Bel-Air safe steals the daily bread of robbers

The Basketball player Cuttino Mobley had recently been robbed of a fortune worth $500,000 including Jewelry, watches, and Cash, and so were the other posh residents of Beverly Hills and neighboring areas in LA. But if he and his neighbors would have well in advance, gotten in touch with the Bel Air-Safe (from the company which made posh and secure safes), then he could have reverted a serious tragedy. The Bel-Air which has a look of a luggage trunk is custom-made for individual users.

Anything from racks, lockable drawers, shelves, Gun cabinets, humidors, mini-bars, Jewelry compartments, watch winders, or watch collector cabinets can be customized with us of armor plating containing vulcanized hard sinter ceramic stones with a hardness grade of 9 out of 10. So the safes are benefited from all insurance requirements, which are total, up-to-the-mark.