Profil-Lalique Bath Faucets Collection- inimitable and elegant

For all those who take their house interiors seriously, the bathrooms are also an indispensable section and can’t be ignored. And if you never really cared much about faucets after looking at these fine ones who will really feel the need to get them. Brilliant glamour that shimmers and shines, the Profil-Lalique Bath Faucet offers a timeless class and grace. Known for its luxury, craftsmanship, and artistry, Lalique crystal elevates the Profil faucet from a fine fixture into a beautiful work of art. A fixture that blends modern sensibilities with the turn of the century designs, the Profil faucet offers the classic beauty and quality with modern precision and design. Featuring four pieces of inlay-ed Lalique crystal set into the finely crafted metal, this Bath Faucet glitters like the delicate jewelry of a Hollywood star. Designed by Jamie Drake the Profil-Lalique Bath Faucets Collection is available from THG Paris.

It is not just a faucet considering the amount of sophistication and elegance it adds to your bathroom. I hope it doesn’t make your room look substandard.

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